Monday, February 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by Jimmi at Stamping & Shopping

1. Stamping Style - Style? Do I have a style? A few months ago I would have said clean, crisp lines, nothing cutesy. But lately I have been branching out a bit, and I now like shabby chic, lots of layers, mixing patterns and colors.

2. Inspiration - anything can serve as inspiration ~ a photograph, a piece of clothing, a shopping bag ~ anything with color, pattern, texture, composition.

3. Color - Periwinkle

4. Work space - One end of my bedroom ~ a large table under a window and some shelves

5. Perfect Day - sleeping late (I can only imagine...), breakfast with my family, stamping, chatting with my Splitcoast friends, late afternoon ball game, dinner out, a good movie, back to my stamping table...

6. First Job - Cashier at a corner newspaper stand ~ was fired after two days because the boss's nephew wanted a job

7. Wildest Dream - hmmm... would have to include an extended cruise with my whole extended family

8. Ink - Pallete Noir Hybrid/Copic Sketch Markers

9. Family - Rich Regals

10. Beverage- Iced Coffee

11. Biggest Challenge - Being a parent

...Ok I will be tagging two of my friends and here they are: Kimme (Melena Princess) and Kim (Nutsmuhl)

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Kim Muhl said...

Cool! Thanks for tagging me....I'll play along tomorrow, if I don't forget. :D